Joe Biden Plays the Inside Game Because He Doesnt Have an Outside Game
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2021-10-20 21:30:03 UTC
The demented in chief is at it again.

"Joe Biden Plays the ‘Inside Game’ Because He Doesn’t Have an Outside


"Over at Politico, Christopher Cadelago and Marianne Levine offer the
latest excuse for Joe Biden going quiet in public, in this case on
the reconciliation-bill fight on Capitol Hill: He’s busy playing the
inside game!

As Democrats on Capitol Hill brace in anticipation of a brutal
midterm, Biden is spending an extraordinary amount of time and
political capital behind the scenes to convince them to rally around
a common framework for social and climate spending. His congressional
huddles have accelerated, from phone calls on the White House veranda
to one-on-one and group meetings — including two high-stakes Tuesday
sit downs with moderates and progressives. He’s dialing up old
friends to take their temperature about how his presidency is really
fairing far beyond the Beltway. White House aides, in their own
recent conversations with nervous allies, have repeatedly cited the
flurry of presidential calls as a sign itself of Biden’s commitment
to getting the bills over the finish line, at times bristling at
claims that he hasn’t been involved enough. But Biden’s hours and
hours of meetings don’t just reflect the precarious moment in which
his presidency finds itself. They underscore the heavy reliance his
White House has placed on an inside game, rather than the bully
pulpit, to dislodge recalcitrant holdouts and move their agenda.

Note, just as an aside, how “a brutal midterm” for congressional
Democrats is already a baseline expectation the authors don’t need to
explain or justify. Why is the White House at pains to stress how
much Biden is doing privately? Because he’s not out there convincing
the voters to put pressure on Congress:

As Biden has worked on lawmakers in private — sometimes not putting a
hard stop on his schedule so as not to stifle progress — he’s
largely, though not entirely, resisted riskier public pressure
campaigns that could backfire and are viewed as against his nature.
Often, Biden has had just a single public event each day.
Occasionally, there’s been no public interfacing at all. Eight times
since Labor Day, the daily guidance issued by the White House has
included only private meetings with Biden. . . . While Biden has held
public events around the agenda, he has not done a formal press
interview on it since Labor Day.

This is, I suppose, the spin you need to cover over the problem:
Public arguments by this president don’t help. They persuade nobody
of anything. The bully pulpit has been reduced to a walker. Nine
months into his tenure, Biden is already a spent force that nobody
listens to. In terms of his influence, he went directly from
honeymoon to lame duck. It is still likely that the Democrats will
pass something this year — and whatever they pass, Biden will sign,
and everybody knows it, so his actual leverage is zero. It would
truly be a political catastrophe for Biden, having invested so much
of his presidency in these spending packages and so much of his image
in being a guy who can get deals done on the Hill, if he comes up
completely empty. But regardless of what gets passed, it is already
apparent that Biden talking to the voters or answering questions from
reporters would only make things worse. About the only thing Biden
accomplishes these days by appearing in public is convincing people
he’s still alive.

And there are still 39 more months of his term to go.

2021-10-21 02:56:12 UTC
"Joe Biden Plays the ‘Inside Game’ Because He Doesn’t Have an Outside
That's like the people who said Trump was playing 4D chess when he was
losing at checkers.